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The TEAS is an exam that assesses basic academic knowledge in reading, math and English and language usage.

  • An account created with Assessment Technologies Institute (ATI):
  • Credit or debit card.
  • An email address to complete the online registration.

What is the test format?

The TEAS is a multiple-choice computer-based exam.

At the HMH JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools, students can take the exam twice in an academic session. After an applicant has taken the TEAS for the first time, s/he must wait 14 days before the second attempt. It is recommended that any student who wants to retest a second time, utilize additional study materials and/or tutoring to earn acceptable scores.

All students who are interested in the health science programs offered by the Schools: Nursing, Radiography or Diagnostic Medical Sonography.

Students receive their TEAS score report immediately after they complete the exam (computer test only).

The minimum recommended score requirements for Nursing are:

  • Generic or LPN-to-RN Transition Track – 58% or higher in Reading and Math.
  • Accelerated or Pathways to BSN Track – 70% or higher in Reading and Math.
  • Radiography or Sonography – 58% or higher in Reading and Math.

TEAS scores are valid through admission cycles, or one year from date of first TEAS attempt.

Yes. Also, scores from different TEAS exams cannot be combined.

Applicants who exceed minimum requirements are more competitive.

Applicants may send their TEAS score/transcripts to multiple institutions. For more information, contact ATI at However, it is advisable that students directly contact the other institutions to verify their acceptance policy regarding the TEAS exam.

Applicants must take the TEAS prior to the application deadline for their program of interest.


Applicants should visit the ATI website,, to purchase the TEAS Study Manual, Smart Prep package, and online practice tests.


The amount of time needed to prepare for the TEAS varies. All applicants are encouraged to give themselves enough time to engage in a comprehensive review of the content and develop good testing techniques.

Yes. To obtain testing accommodations, applicants must provide verification of the type of accommodations the student is entitled to. One will need to notify ATI and the Testing Center.

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