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E-Learning will be available to students to complete on the first week of class, students entering:

Course NURM120 LPN Transition Course
May 26th
Course CLPS901 Sonography Clinical
May 26th
Course NURM121 F´20 transfer students
September 30th
Course NURM122 F´20 transfer students
September 30th
Course CLPR901 Radiography Clinical
September 30th

ACTION: You cannot attend clinical if the item is not completed on the first week of class.


HealthStream Learning Center (HLC)
Logging into the HLC

  • Go to the HLC website: The Login page will appear.

    NOTE: Do not search for this website in Google or any other search engine. You must type the address directly into the address bar at the top of your browser.
  • In the User ID box, enter your User ID. Your User ID consists of the first letter of your first name, followed by your last name (using lowercase letters). For example, if your name were Nancy Smith, you User ID would be nsmith.

    NOTE: You may have a number at the end of User ID if there was already another person with the same first initial and last name (e.g., nsmith2).
  • In the Password box, enter your password. Your password is the same as your User ID (first initial + last name … using lowercase letters).

    NOTE: Please ignore the directions on the right of the log in screen. These instructions are for employees only.
  • Click Login. Your To-Do List appears.

    NOTE: Your administrator may create a Highlights page that will appear on login. The Highlights page is a messaging tool allowing administrators to communicate important information to you. To exit the Highlights page, click the Continue button in the lower right corner or click the To Do tab.

Completing Your Orientation

  • The only item on your To-Do List will be General Orientation. Click Start next to General Orientation to start the assignment.
  • Click Start next to the name of the first course. Then, click View or Start next to the first learning activity. Continue to complete all learning activities within the course.
  • Each “course” in the General Orientation curriculum must be completed in sequence. Once you have completed a course, click Return to Curriculum and continue with the next course on the list, until you have completed all of the courses within the curriculum.

NOTE: For HLC support, please contact the JFK EOD Department at 732-321-7588.

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