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Dorm SON-2-003

The Schools provide a residence facility for students who wish to live on campus. Students have a private room and share a common bathroom with the student next door. The majority of the units are occupied by single students, in three different wings, who share common cooking areas as well as common TV/relaxation areas. Refrigerators are allowed in student rooms; however, heating and cooking appliances are not. The fourth residential wing is dedicated to meet the needs of single parents and their school-age children under the Audrey Snyder Single Parent Program and is available only to nursing applicants who meet the criteria of the Audrey Snyder Single Parent Program.

The residential floor also contains a terrace, laundry facilities, and an additional large common living area. If a waiting list exists, priority for housing is given to full-time students and to those enrolled in a clinical course and who live more than 15 miles away from the Schools.

All Resident Students are required, in addition to the regular medical requirements, to be immunized against meningococcal meningitis.

Students interested in housing must complete a Residence Student Agreement and agree to abide by the Residence Life Policies.




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