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Classroom SON-021

The Schools of Nursing, Radiography and Diagnostic Medical Sonography are all located in a modern building on the JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools’ campus located within a residential area of Plainfield, New Jersey. The School has a strict No Smoking Policy. The JFK Medical Library is located in Edison, NJ at the JFK Medical Center.

The first floor of the building contains classrooms equipped with audio visual equipment, two nursing clinical laboratories, the Medical Imaging Skills Laboratory for Radiography and Diagnostic Medical Sonography, the Computer Laboratory, two student lounges - one equipped with assorted vending machines, coffee/tea pots and TV, storage lockers for the students and the Administrative Suite containing the offices of the Dean, the Associate and Assistant Deans for the School of Nursing, the Director for all of the Medical Imaging programs, as well as the Admissions, Registration and Enrollment, Financial Aid, Billing and Student Services offices.

The second floor of the building has additional classrooms and lockers, as well as the Faculty Suite, where each program’s faculty has an office.

The third floor is reserved for residents along with the Single Parent Unit. This unit supports five families who live in the residences until the completion of their nursing program.

The School also has two Student Government Associations for those who want to get involved with the school and community.


The Clinical Laboratories

The two clinical laboratories provide practice laboratory experiences for nursing skills and critical thinking skills. The labs are equipped with life-size anatomical demonstration models, beds and equipment to simulate the clinical area. A simulation manikin (SimMan) is also housed in the Clinical Laboratory. Clinical lab personnel are available at posted times during the Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter semesters. The laboratory practice provides “hands-on” experience with equipment for skill refinement or in preparation for a clinical assignment; or by creative problem solving when carrying out a simulated nursing situation that combines theory and practice and is also used for skills appraisal.

Visit the schedule of dates and open hours.


The Medical Imaging Skills Lab for Radiography/Diagnostic Medical Sonography

The simulated laboratory is equipped with the necessary equipment for simulation practice. The students are able to practice their clinical skills and schedule tutoring sessions with faculty.


Computer Laboratory

Classroom SON-021

The computer lab houses 23 computers, software, videos, audiocassettes and films. Students are encouraged to use the lab to learn or reinforce course content and skills by using designated audio visuals, computer assisted instruction and reference readings. The Computer Laboratory facilities are available for individual self-study, assigned projects, online course work and research. In addition, the Schools’ computing facility and network connections provide academic support to the students of JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools.



The Schools provide a residence facility for students who wish to live on campus. The student residence is located on the third floor of the Schools’ building and offers private rooms, shared study and lounge areas and laundry facilities. Kitchenettes are available in each of the four residence “pods”. The single parent “pod” is available for single parents in the nursing program and who meet the criteria of the Audrey Snyder Single Parent Program.

A meal plan is not provided as a service for students in residence at the Schools. Meals may be purchased at the vending machines located in the School, at JFK Medical Center Cafeteria or at one of the many eateries in the area. Union College of Union County NJ campuses also have cafeterias.



The JFK Medical Library provides a full range of information services to the JFK Health community and provides access to current periodicals, monographs, a consumer collection, electronic media and full-text resources. All JFK Health staff, employees and students may borrow circulating material except for periodicals and reference materials.

The Library is located on the JFK Health Campus, 65 James Street, Edison, New Jersey 08818. It is on the second floor, next to the Physicians’ Lounge and HIM. The Library is staffed Monday through Friday from 8:00 AM until 3 PM, except legal holidays.


Student Government Associations


All students belong to the Student Government Association, which governs certain student activities. It meets on a regular basis during the academic year to conduct business and sponsor a variety of activities including social events, fund raising projects, group discussions, and community service activities. Examples include participation in a health science/health skills program at Plainfield High School, peer mentorship, blood drives, walkathons and community holiday outreach.

There are two Student Government Associations; one for the Nursing program and one for the Medical Imaging programs

 More information can be found at the Student Government Association page of this site.

No Smoking Policy

Smoking is not permitted anywhere in the JFK Medical Center or on JFK Muhlenberg Snyder School property.


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