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School of Radiography

Radiographers are educated and licensed to produce X-ray images (radiographs) of the human body (tissues, organ, bones and vessels) for use in diagnosing medical problems.

The School of Radiography was established in 1964 as a hospital-based program to meet the demand for graduate radiographers. In 1982 an affiliation with Union County College was established, expanding the program's educational horizons. The School of Radiography clinically affiliates with various hospitals, medical centers, freestanding facilities and offices throughout the state.

The School of Radiography's favorable student-to-faculty ratio, strong emphasis on clinical competency and state-of-the-art equipment assures students a high quality clinical experience.

The School of Radiography graduates earn a Diploma in Radiography from JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools and an Associate in Science Degree from Union County College. School of Radiography graduates may transfer credits toward baccalaureate degree programs.

JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools has articulated agreements with Thomas Edison State College and Bloomsburg University of PA for study toward a baccalaureate degree programs. For more information about the program, admissions and course requirements, contact the Office of Admissions for JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools via 908-668-2471 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



In New Jersey for employment as a Radiographer, you must be licensed.

Graduates of the JFK Muhlenberg Snyder School of Radiography are eligible to apply to sit for the credentialing examination of the American Registry of Radiologic Technologies (ARRT) and Licensing from the State of New Jersey for Radiologic Technologies (LRT).


Radiography Program

The School of Radiography, through a carefully planned academic and clinical curriculum, provides students with the necessary knowledge and skills to meet the program's objectives. It is a 2 year program cooperatively offered by the School of Radiography and Union County College which includes fall, spring and summer semesters. The Radiography program consists of 80 college credits with clinical experience.

The School is accredited by the Joint Review Committee in Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT) and the Radiologic Technology Board of Examiners of NJ DEP (RTBE of NJ DEP) and is approved for Veteran Training.

To learn more about the program, explore our program for Radiography.


Radiography Career Resources

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