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School of Nursing

Testimony Alexandria

”I received my Bachelor’s degree from the University of Maryland, College Park, and spoke with many nurse practitioners when I was deciding what my next step should be. They made the point to me that taking the JFK Muhlenberg Snyder School of Nursing program would put me closer to patients, which I wanted. It’s one of the few nursing schools that lets me take prerequisite classes at the same time as my nursing classes, so I’m able to finish the program in a timely manner.”


 - Alexandra Maye, expecting her degree in December 2017








School Diagnostic Medical Sonography

Testimony Erin

”Ever since middle school I knew I wanted to pursue a career in the medical field. After deciding on diagnostic medical sonography, it was important to find a school with the right curriculum and reputation to fulfill this dream. JFK Muhlenberg has been the driving force to my success in the ultrasound program and I wouldn't be anywhere without my dedicated teachers. The knowledge that I have gained from the challenging courses and clinical hours in the hospitals has prepared me to excel in the working field. With graduation approaching, I am excited for what the future of my ultrasound career will hold and that wouldn't be possible without the school and staff.”


- Erin Quinn








School of of Radiography

Testimony Kayla

“Being a senior in the Radiography program, I find it very rewarding to see how much I’ve grown as an X-Ray student. Many people think X-ray technicians just walk into a room and push a button to get an X-ray, but little do they know there’s a great deal of patient care involved. Receiving a simple “thank you” from a patient makes my day knowing I had a part in caring for their health. I wouldn’t have been able to understand how crucial patient care is if it weren’t for the Radiography instructors. I am very eager to take the knowledge they have provided me into the real world when graduation approaches and I become a licensed X-ray technician on my own.” 


- Kayla Kocha






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