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Open dates to submit and complete an application*:

Please note that the Application Deadlines below has been extended to November 1st.



Accelerated Track:                                                    June 1st – August 30th

Generic, LPN to RN and Pathway to BSN Track:        June 4th – November 1st

Radiography:                                                           June 4th – November 1st

Sonography:                                                            Closed



LPN to RN Track:                                                     January 2nd – March 4th

Generic and Pathway to BSN Track***:                 January 2nd – June 3rd

Radiography and Sonography:                                 January 2nd – June 3rd



*     Application will be available on-line beginning June 1, 2019 for Spring 2020.
**   All required materials including Entrance Exam results must be submitted by the deadline
*** For more updates to Nursing, visit School of Nursing Admission Criteria





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