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Grading System Medical Imaging:

Success Criteria:

A = 90 - 100
B+ = 86 - 89
B = 80 - 85
C+ = 76 - 79
C = 70 - 75
D+ = 66 – 69
D = 60 - 65
F = below 60
I = Incomplete

Please Note: A letter grade of “C+” (76) or better is considered to be a passing grade for the course.

Graduation Requirements Medical Imaging:

All courses required for graduation must be successfully completed before licensing eligibility is certified. It is the sole responsibility of the student to track their course completion to insure that ALL required courses for the respective program are completed prior to graduation eligibility. Neither the administration, registrar, faculty nor staff will accept responsibility for missing courses.

Students are graduated when all course work is satisfactorily completed and financial obligations met. A cumulative GPA of 2.0 or above for all general education and science courses is required for graduation. Students must obtain a 2.5 (C+) or above in all professional courses.

All school property including ID badge, monitoring devices, keys, books and any other borrowed items must be returned to the school as verified via the routing form provided by the programs. All students must pay all financial obligations and complete all course requirements in order to participate in convocation.

Transcripts and diplomas will be held until such time as all of the above obligations have been met. Union College of Union County NJ will be notified to also hold all transcripts and degrees until the graduation requirements are completed.

Students in all programs will not be endorsed for National Registry examinations until all courses (Professional and GenEd courses) and clinical requirements are completed and passed with a 76 C+ or better. Updated 08/04/2015, reviewed 7/11/2016.

All graduating JFK Muhlenberg Snyder schools of Medical Imaging students are eligible to participate in the Union College of Union County NJ graduation ceremonies. The convocation will be held by JFK Muhlenberg Snyder school. Students must have completed all courses in the program to be eligible to participate in the convocation ceremony. All graduating students are expected to attend. All students must pay all financial obligations. Revised 7/2016



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