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Welcome to the revised Hackensack Meridian Health JFK Muhlenberg Snyder Schools' website. The revision is focused on the information needs of prospective candidates, newly admitted students and current students .

To help you find information and to update any of your browser bookmarks/favorites, use the following directory of information:

InformationPrevious LocationNew Location(s)
Academic Calendar QuickLinks/Academic Calendar – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Academic Calendar

– Current Students/Academic Calendar
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Admissions/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

– Current Students/Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)
Criminal Background Report Admissions/Criminal Background Report – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Criminal Background Report

– Current Students/Criminal Background Report
Forms School of Nursing¹ School Programs/..../Forms Nursing;
– Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Forms/Forms Nursing

– Current Students/Forms/Forms Nursing
Forms School of Radiography¹ School Programs/..../Forms Radiography;
– Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Forms/Forms Radiography

– Current Students/Forms/Forms Radiography
Forms School of Sonography¹ School Programs/..../Forms Sonography;
– Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Forms/Forms Sonography

– Current Students/Forms/Forms Sonography
Health Care Insurance Admissions/Health Care Insurance – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Health Care Insurance

– Current Students/Health Care Insurance
Health Clearance Admissions/Health Clearance – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Admissions/Health Clearance

– Current Students/Health Clearance
Library Discover Our School/Campus & Facilities/Library – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Library

– Current Students/Library
Challenge Exam for Pharmacology School Programs/..../Challenge Exam for Pharmacology – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Math for Pharmacology

– Current Students/Math for Pharmacology
School Faculty Directory QuickLinks/Contact Us/Faculty Directory;
School Programs/..../Faculty Directory - Nursing;
School Programs/..../Faculty Directory - Radiography;
School Programs/..../Faculty Directory - Sonography
– Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/School Directory/Faculty

– Current Students/School Directory/Faculty
School Staff Directory QuickLinks/Contact Us/Administrative Staff – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/School Directory/Staff

– Current Students/School Directory/Staff
School Parking and Cross Walk Compliance QuickLinks/Contact Us/.../Directions & Parking/ – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/School Parking

– Current Students/School Parking
School Uniforms for each School QuickLinks/School Uniforms;
School Programs/..../School Uniforms - Nursing;
School Programs/..../School Uniforms - Radiography;
School Programs/..../School Uniforms - Sonography
– Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/School Uniforms

– Current Students/School Uniforms
Nursing School Handbook QuickLinks/Nursing School Handbook – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/School Handbook/Nursing

– Current Students/School Handbook/Nursing
Medical Imaging School Handbook QuickLinks/Nursing School Handbook – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/School Handbook/Medical Imaging

– Current Students/School Handbook/Medical Imaging
Textbooks – School of Nursing School Programs/..../Textbooks - Nursing – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Textbooks/Textbooks - Nursing

– Current Students/Textbooks/Textbooks - Nursing
Textbooks – School of Radiography School Programs/..../Textbooks - Radiography – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Textbooks/Textbooks - Radiography

– Current Students/Textbooks/Textbooks - Radiography
Textbooks – School of Sonography School Programs/..../Textbooks - Sonography – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/Textbooks/Textbooks - Sonography

– Current Students/Textbooks/Textbooks - Sonography
Union County College (UCC) QuickLinks/UCC – Admissions/Fall 2019 Admitted Students/UCC Website

– Current Students/UCC Website
Graduate Transcript Request Form QuickLinks/Graduate Transcript Request Form;
School Programs/..../Forms - Nursing;
School Programs/..../Forms - Radiography;
School Programs/..../Forms - Sonography
Discover Our Schools/Alumni/Graduate Transcript Request Form
Testimonials Testimonials/Testimonials
Discover Our Schools/Testimonials

¹ Various Forms. Check the forms for the respective School as not all forms are common across the differenet Schools. 

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